Getting It Right: Ethics & Engaging African American Communities for Breastfeeding Support

Engaging African American communities is critical for improving breastfeeding support efforts and outcomes. But how it is done matters! Incorrect, inappropriate or unethical engagement can reverse recent progress to reverse racial disparities and lead to irreversible harm. Increasingly as researchers, organizations and programs  seek to address racial disparities in breastfeeding rates and apply an equity lens to community outreach, there needs to be a deeper understanding of what ethical community engagement requires given this framework.

Previously, research that engages the community has been mostly subject to the IRB process, however as community research and engagement efforts in breastfeeding reflect more of social change intention rather than just data collection, ethical considerations must be applied to the community as a whole, in addition to its individual members. That means protecting the community and its interests in key ways.

Kimberly Seals Allers leads a live, interactive presentation that will review ethical standards and expectations that need to be considered and addressed in community research and engagement in communities of color. The role of community partners, ownership of data and developing a statement of shared principles will also be discussed. Drawing on her experiences working in three Southeast cities, including Birmingham, AL and New Orleans, LA as well as leading community-partnered projects in Philadelphia and Detroit, Kimberly will show how ethical community engagement in black and brown communities must go beyond typical considerations in order to prevent harm. Participants will develop a clearer understanding of what ethical research and engagement looks like before, during and after the project period, important mistakes to avoid and learn key steps for implementation.

Credits: 1.5 E-CERPS

60 minute presentation and 15 minute Q&A

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